All movies are produced by Carrot Creation

Chundukkurukkan (2005)
First Super Comedy Malayalam Animation Film

Kuttappi (2006)
Children's animation album, won SIET award for Best Animation film

Maruppacha (2007)
Animation movie based on hadith stories

Vampan Chimpu (2008)
A cartoon film for children with moral stories and songs.

Baby Queen ( Bonus animation kit with Vampan Chimpu) ( 2008 )
An informatic English animation film

Annarakkannan (2009)
An animation film for kids with moral stories and beautiful songs.

Kusruthikkurukkan (2010)
An animation album with six songs

Poompata (2011)
An award winner film for children with classical stories and songs

Leek Beeran (2012)
Comedy animation film based on home cinema characters.